Difference Between Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting?


The articles aim is to explain the basic topics related to web server and explain you in details which one is better shared web hosting or WordPress hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is where you rent a server from a hosting service that hosts several websites is known as shared hosting. In most cases, this type of hosting allows unlimited number of visitors to your website. In general, shared server is cheaper than other hosting services. In fact, this server has become more popular now a days. Generally, you can get shared hosting at an affordable price.

In a shared environment, the majority of the hosting plans are hosted. This means you share your resources with multiple customers. This hosting share resources like; disk space, RAM, CPU, Bandwidth and IPs. The cost of running a shared hosting environment is shared by multiple clients. When you first start your hosting, you can choose the server plan according to your requirement, you can host multiple sites in the same shared server.

This type of users, do not have direct access to the physical server, rather they have access to a shared infrastructure that includes a virtual machine, local hardware, shared hosting servers.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a form of hosting which is specifically pre-configured and optimized for WordPress software, this is also same as shared hosting but the main difference is, it is fully optimized for WordPress including special features such as automated backups, security checks, automatic software updates and one-click-install. The only distinction is that your website would share a host with only other WordPress installations, you will not get cPanel login details but you get WordPress administrative login details. Service and support are custom-made to the unique characteristics of WordPress, and applications are created and designed to help the website run at its best.

Now a days many server companies are providing you dedicated resources like; CPU, Storage, Ram, number of monthly visitors, and free SSL etc.

Make sure you choose a package with excellent features and good customer support and service.

The benefits and drawbacks of Shared hosting

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of using a shared hosting service.

Benefits of Shared Hosting Plans

  • Maintenance – The server company is responsible for the server’s maintenance and management, so you won’t have to worry about technical issues of the server.
  • Pricing – This type of host is much less expensive as compared to VPS and Dedicated hosting; Shared hosting prices starts from $3 to $9 per month. Anyone can afford shared hosting.
  • Management – In shared host plan you will get cPanel, which is used as used as a control panel to make website and server administration easier.
  • Email accounts – This server provides you free multiple webmail to create your own brand name mail ids such as info@troubleshootbox.com.
  • Database – The company provide you PHP and MySQL database, some companies offer multiple databases according to the shared hosting plan you choose.
  • Hosted sites – Most of the server companies plans offer you to host unlimited number of websites, email ids and unlimited database.
  • Visitors – Most of the server company allows unlimited visitors to your website.
  • Storage and Bandwidth – The majority of shared hosting plans for businesses have unlimited storage space and bandwidth.
  • Plugins – In this servers, services normally do not restrict or exclude the installation of plugins on your WordPress site.
  • Support – Many shared server companies have round-the-clock monitoring, maintenance, and technical assistance, giving you uptime flexibility.
  • Subdomains – Server companies offers plan like; you can create subdomain and addon domain in your plan package.
  • Softaculous – You can host any CMS website like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and OpenCart installation through the Softaculous App Installer.
  • Others – you can choose PHP version or change PHP version, set cron jobs and scan website for virus and malware.

Drawbacks of Shared Hosting

Despite the many benefits that shared plans provide to their customers, they are not without drawbacks. Some of the common server plans have the most common disadvantages.

  • Downtime – Since others websites on the same server have been compromised with a virus or malware, there’s a chance that your website becomes infected and the site will be shut down.
  • Load time – Since you need to share the resources with other websites, your website can suffer sluggishness as a result of other websites’ requests for resources.
  • Security issues – The major drawback of this type of web hosting is the server’s security problems, as servers are often more targeted by hackers especially for WordPress sites.
  • Poor performance – It takes longer to react if the efficiency of your server is poor. Whatever the speed of RAM and CPUs else, you still have a slow start with a slow server.
  • Large image – Loading a large picture on a shared server will take a long time. You’re adding additional load time to each image if you have a lot of large photos on your website.
  • High-traffic – If your website is hosted in a shared plan, it cannot handle high traffic as there is limited bandwidth. If your site goes viral and you have enormous traffic, your site could have lengthy load times, which can lead to downtime.
  • Support – Any shared servers providers provide generic support, the support team does not provide you dedicated support, they take time to answers your query.
  • Self-managed – Since this servers are self-managed, they lack special features such as automated upgrades to the WordPress applications, plugins, and backups.

Pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of using a shared hosting service.

Pros of WordPress hosting

  • Performance – Each software has its own set of device specifications that determine how well efficiently the software will run. This server gives you better performance and security as it is specially designed for WordPress websites only, all the hardware configurations like; RAM, CPUs, and Disk space are properly configured.
  • Security – WordPress-specific security tweaks, such as firewalls and password hardening, are implemented by web hosting, who constantly review, repair, and patch their systems with the new security patches. Some hosting company also has malware detection and removal services to ensure the safety and security of your website.
  • Backups – This plan will automatically takes backups of your website regularly so that you have enough backup copies in case of an emergency, with a 1-click restore process you can restore the backup within minutes.
  • Automatic WordPress Updates – The majority of website pages are compromised by outdated plugins and core files. The hosts can look after the key updates from WordPress to maintain the site safe and functional. Many hosts update the themes and plugins for you, any new upgrade includes plenty of enhancements and bug fixes.
  • WordPress Set-up – The website setup process is made extremely simple using pre-configured platform technologies, with WordPress pre-installed in web hosting; you don’t need to waste more time while downloading, uploading, and installing the WordPress on the server.
  • Load time. From the moment your pages go online, This servers guarantee fast loading times and uptime, as you have a dedicated resource in WordPress server platform. Fast loading improves your ranking on Google. The popularity of your website or blog is entirely dependent on its loading speed. If the page takes a long time to load on the user’s system, he will leave, and this will reduce overall site traffic.
  • CDNs and Caching– This plan usually have server-level caching and CDNs, which eliminates the need to install additional plugins and enhances website efficiency, the server has been optimized to support advanced server caching. This allows the website to perform as quickly and efficiently as possible and improves your ranking on search engines.
  • SSL certificates. Most of the plans allow users to create an SSL certificate to their websites with a few clicks and at no additional cost. Getting an SSL cert for your website is undoubtedly beneficial. It demonstrates to users that the site has been inspected and is secure from hackers. It also helps your SEO ranking and scores higher in search engines.
  • Support. If you are using WordPress server services, support is not a big concern in the server as you will get dedicated customer support, the WordPress support team experts are highly knowledgeable to resolve website issues.

The Drawback of WordPress Hosting

  • Pricing – The pricing is high as compared to shared hosting; they are more expensive in the name of resources.
  • Frequent updates – Installing websites needs frequent updates of WordPress, themes, and plugins. As much as the more plugins you use, the more possible you are to run into compatibility issues.
  • Host websites – Some server plans specify to host only a single website and you cannot create more than one database, installing multi-site is not allowed, and installing can create a problem.
  • e-mail accounts – Maximum server providers do not allow you to host email services for that you have to use a third-party email service provider.
  • Plugin restrictions – You can usually install as many plugins you like on shared hosting platforms but in WordPress server you have limits on the plugin installation.
  • Limited resources – Some WordPress hosts have enforced tighter monthly bandwidth, disk space, and visitor quotas, such as 20GB or 10k visitors.
  • Difficult to Move – When you decide to leave the the server it’s difficult to move out.
  • Restricted file access – This type of server may not give access to all the files and have limited access to files like; php.ini and .htaccess, which are important files.

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