One Click Installation WordPress – Automated

How to Install WordPress in One Click – Automated Process

One of the nicest things about WordPress is that the process of installation and set-up for your website is really straightforward to begin. This guide shares all the details you need to set up your site utilizing the 1-click installation of WordPress.

We’ll teach you how to use some of the most common one click WordPress installation, automated process in this article. You’ve probably heard of the famous “five-minute install,” but there are really speedier solutions available if you follow this guide step by step.

I have organized the tutorials from the easiest to the time intensive to offer you some information on what way you should use. So if you only want to do one click automated WordPress installation in the quickest and easiest method, start from the top!

How to Login cPanel?

By using port 2083, you can log in to your cPanel web hosting account, type your domain name in the address bar followed by colon 2083 like ex. or you can access through another way like,, a screen will show there, just type your username and password you will get accessed to your hosting account.

After login into your cPanel, click on the WordPress icon under Software Section or you will get a section Softaculous App Installer to click on the WordPress logo.

Softaculous, what is it?

Web applications, including various scripts and PHP classes, are installed with a single or one click using Softaculous.

It is most frequently used in web hosting and is used to install online portals, eCommerce solutions, Wiki, social networking, ad management, blogs, polls and project management, forums and much more.

It offers the most common applications for Internet hosting. In addition, Softaculous offers another unique ability to take the installation backups easily at any moment.

It is running within the cPanel control panel or other website management tools such as Plesk, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin and many others.

WordPress Software setup section

one click WordPress installation

A Softaculous screen will open with several icons and menu options. You will get a screen with menu Install, Overview, Features, Screenshot, and many more, click on the Install menu or you will get the menu to see below Install Now, click on install now.

Following details, you have to fill in the WP Software Setup page:

Softaculous Screen for one click installation

Softaculous screen wordpress installation

When you click on Install Now, on the next screen you will get a form, fill out the details of your WordPress installation to proceed. To complete the WordPress installation, fill out the form and click the install button at the bottom.

Following details, you have to fill in the WP Software Setup page:

Below Are The Points, Follow Step by Step Process For One Click Automated WordPress Installation

Step 1. Software Setup section for One Click automated Installation, WordPress

Select the WordPress version you’d like to install

Here you select the WordPress version you want to install. We recommend you to select the latest version of WordPress for security reasons, as WordPress is running on several websites worldwide, targeted by hackers so whenever a new vulnerability is discovered by the WordPress team, they release the new version of WordPress for better protection.

Choose Installation URL –

Choose Protocol – If you purchased an SSL certificate and installed it in your domain name, then select HTTPS:// or https://www. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, then select HTTP:// or http://www.

Choose Domain:

For main domain – If you want to install WordPress in your main domain (, select the domain name from the drop-down (choose domain) or accept the default value.

For subdomain – if you want to install WordPress in your subdomain make sure you created the subdomain properly in your cPanel (ex. XYZ is the subdomain of your main domain. Select subdomain from the dropdown menu to install WordPress.

In Directory: If you want to install WordPress in your folder, then simply type your directory name in that box, you wish to install (ex. folder). Your WordPress will install in that particular directory (ex.

WordPress Software setup section

softaculous software setup

Step 2. Site Settings for Process of WordPress Installation

Site Name: You can type your company name in the box given, this name will appear in the title bar of the browser when you or the users visit the website. If you keep this default then you can change it later after installation, through the WordPress Admin panel.

Site Description: You can type heresite description; the site description will also appear in the title bar of the browser when you or the visitors visit the website.

Enable Multisite (WPMU): WPMU is known as WordPress Multiuser,leave the check box as it is if you don’t wish to enable the WPMU. If you wish to enable WPMU (WP Multiple User) select the check box, that enables the feature that allows you to run multiple WordPress sites from a single WordPress installation. All the WP websites share the same database but they have separate tables.

WordPress Site Setting

wordpress site setting

Step 3. Admin Account for One Click Automated WordPress Installation

Admin Username: This is your Administrator username for your WordPress Admin panel/Dashboard login. We suggest you not use the default username admin, administrator, WordPress, user, etc. for security reasons.

Admin Password: This is your Administrator password,you can create your strong password by using alphanumeric characters or you can generate by clicking on the key icon given, make sure to generate a strong password. For future usage, Save the username and password to your device in a safe place.

Admin Email: This is your Administrator e-mail address, enter your valid e-mail address here for further use if you forget your password, you can reset it through your e-mail address.

Create WordPress Admin account

wordpress admin account setup

Step 4. Choose Language for WordPress Website

Select Language: Select the language from the dropdown menu to keep your WordPress website’s default language.

wordpress choose language

Step 5. Select Plugin(s) for WordPress

Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): Select the check box in this section, this will increase your security of login attempts in your WordPress Admin Panel because brute force attack is the most common method to gain access to a WordPress site. You will use this to add an additional layer of security to the WordPress account.

Classic Editor: This is an official plugin of WordPress, you can use this plugin to edit posts and pages of your WordPress site, so check the box if you wish to enable classic editor.

wpCentral – Manage Multiple WordPress: If you have a single WordPress site then do not enable this check box, as you are new to WordPress and do not know how to handle more than one WordPress site from a single Dashboard.

wordpress select plugins

Step 6. Advanced Options for One Click Automated Installation

Click the icon to expand the advance options.

Advanced options include Database Name, Table Prefix, Disable Update Notifications Emails, Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins, Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes, Backup Location, Automated backups, Backup Rotation, you do not need to change these options but we advise you to change it for security reasons.

advance options wordpress installation

Database name: Type the name of the database in the text box to create a database for your WordPress site. Do not accept the default value for security reasons.

Table Prefix: Type the database table prefix in this text box, or accept the default value, but we suggest you change the table prefix with an underscore at the end for security reasons.

Disable Update Notifications Emails: If you do not wish to receive an e-mail notification from WordPress, click on the checkbox. If you want to receive an e-mail notification from WordPress regarding updates then leave the check box to the default value.

Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins: To automatically updates theWordPress plugins installed in your WordPress, click on the checkbox. Within 24 hours, all of your plugins will be updated to the latest version. If you want to upgrade from your WordPress dashboard then leave the check box blank, you can do the update from your plugins section.

Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes: To automatically update theWordPress themes installed in your WordPress, click on the checkbox. This will upgrade your theme to the latest version within 24 hours or you can upgrade it from the WordPress dashboard later.

Backup Location: You can select a backup location to store your WordPress data from the location list box, we suggest you keep it as default.

Automated Backups: It depends upon how often you update your blog or website and how often you want to do this, it is totally your decision.You can select the automated backups from the list box.

Backup Rotation: You can select it from the list box, your old backup will overwrite with the new backup file, it is totally your decision. It also depends on your hosting plan how much disk space you have and how many backups you can take.

Step 7. Final Step Process- Select Theme for One Click Automated WordPress Installation

This option allows you to select the theme you want to install for your WordPress site. You can choose the theme which fits your purpose and your one click installation WordPress in automated process is completed.

select theme to install wordpress

Process Last one. Install button (one click and your are completed)

Overview of your form starting point to confirm all the credentials fill up by you are correct according to the steps.

Click on the Install button on the bottom to install WordPress on your domain, it will show you a progress bar. Do not close the browser until the installation completes.

You will get a message “Congratulations! Your WordPress site is now ready!”

Congratulations, you have just automatically installed WordPress through one click automated WordPress installation process and now it has been deployed on your hosting account (cPanel).

To gain access to the administration section, simply click on the administrative URL provided and log in with your admin login and password. You may now begin utilizing your new website and populating it with information.

Conclusion : One click automated WordPress Installation step process

We hope you found this one click WordPress installation step-by-step guide useful in the process of learning how to install WordPress quickly and efficiently. WP sites are now quite simple to construct, thanks to the 1-click WordPress installation cPanel functionality.

After you’ve completed the one click automated installation process, You still have several duties to perform after installation. Connect with your audience through your posts, update your WP themes and plugins, and keep an eye out for and fixing WordPress bugs.

But before you do that, make sure you go over these 7 crucial steps of (one click installation) for correctly setting up your WP website after installation. They’ll make it easier for you to understand and utilize WordPress, as well as improve the speed and SEO rankings of your website.

If we missed any single step process regarding one click automated WordPress installation, Please leave us a remark if you have further questions, compliments or would want clarification.

I guarantee you will receive a response within 24 hours. We adore our customers and website visitors.

To know more about, WordPress installation Manually, Click the below link for step-by-step Process

How to install WordPress Manually?


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